“I met Caron 12 years ago when I sought her help with a puppy I was about to label “untrainable.”  To this day I remain impressed by how quickly she diagnosed the problem and found workable solutions for us.  Caron’s method of reward training quickly gave me a dog that was obedient, loved training and going to classes, and was and is a joy to be around.  I have trained continually with Caron since that time.  Over that period, I have trained three dogs with very different personalities.  All have responded well to her style of training.   In my opinion, Caron’s ability to understand what motivates a dog and how to elicit the desired behavior and her skill in transferring that knowledge to the handler is unsurpassed.  I would not consider another trainer.” ~Ginny

“I have been taking Caron’s classes since 2005 with multiple dogs (10 to date!) and have always found new things to learn with every class and every dog.  Caron has helped me become a good trainer which has enabled me to compete in multiple performance events with my dogs, including Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility and Breed handling.  Although Caron doesn’t teach breed handling she does teach you how to have a well-behaved dog and how to teach other skills.” ~Bev